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Catered to families, helping people restore their lives again.

At Fuller Law, clients from the Bay Area receive aggressive and quality representation. Mr. Fuller is a top-rated attorney representing criminal defendants and injury victims.

Many attorneys will promise to "fight hard" for you and no doubt they will. But fighting hard and fighting smart should not be confused. The two strategies can lead to vastly different results. It can be the difference between prison or probation, a million dollar settlement or a minuscule one.

Mr. Fuller listens patiently to his clients and is passionate about their cases. He caters to families, helping people restore their lives again. He is an advocate of alternative solutions to prison punishment, such a community service, rehabilitation, or anger management treatment.

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Often overlooked by many clients and attorneys alike, a case can be won or lost before the client even enters the courtroom by maneuvering the case and navigating it through the vast bureaucracy that is our court system.