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Criminal Defense

When a client first becomes aware that he or she is a target in a criminal investigation it is important that they seek out knowledgeable representation. A criminal case can take months to wind through various pretrial stages while an investigation takes place.

Often overlooked by many clients and attorneys alike, a case can be won or lost before the client even enters the courtroom by maneuvering the case and navigating it through the vast bureaucracy that is our court system.

Personal Injury

If you have suffered an injury due to another’s intentional actions, negligence, or breach of duty of care, you may be eligible to recover for a variety of damages. For example, in premises liability or slip and fall claims, property owners owe a general duty of care to anyone coming onto their property. Owners must warn against unsafe conditions or make them safe, and may be required to inspect for dangerous conditions. Failure to do so may make the property owner liable for any injuries sustained while on their property. The precise nature of premises liability depends upon several factors, including the relationship of the injured person to the property owner, and the activities or negligence of the owner which contributed to the accident.

DUI/DWI Charges

Can anyone ever win a DUI case?

Yes. It is not only possible to get DUI charges reduced, but in some cases we are able to get them dismissed entirely. A number of DUI defenses have proven successful in prior cases including arguing constitutional violations and challenging blood alcohol concentration measurements.

Our office reviews police reports for inconsistencies and lapses in procedure. We also request complete disclosure regarding the device used to test your blood alcohol level, the personnel involved in the maintenance and operation of the device, and the lab certification.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges are among the most common cases in the state of California. However, even the most minor of these charges that can have serious long term consequences for employment and immigration purposes. A domestic violence case that is not handled correctly can leave a client with a lengthy jail sentence, a serious criminal record, and possible deportation.

Drug Offenses

If you have been charged with a drug charges or charges, then you know you need immediate representation to help you resolve these charges. The State of California takes drug offenses very seriously, however there are often many different programs and rehabilitation that can allow a person to avoid jail time.

At Fuller Law, we want to avoid jail sentences wherever possible, and keep a client’s record as clean as possible so they can move on with their life with this case firmly in their rear view.

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