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There are multiple types of offenses that may be considered to be fraud. These cases will typically involve accusations that a person acted deceptively, provided another party with false or misleading information, and obtained money or property through illegal means. Allegations of fraud committed against individuals can be serious, but in cases where fraud allegedly involved a financial institution, the charges can be even more severe, and a conviction may result in large fines and a lengthy prison sentence. Those who are facing charges of bank fraud will need to understand the laws that they are accused of violating, the potential consequences of a conviction, and their options for defense.

The Fuller Law Firm provides legal representation for people who have been charged with bank fraud or other white collar crimes, helping them determine the best steps to take to avoid being convicted. Attorney Cory Fuller has extensive experience in criminal defense cases, and he believes in protecting the rights of those who have been accused and providing compassionate, dedicated guidance at every stage of a criminal case. He will fight to help those who have been charged with crimes achieve favorable results.

Bank Fraud Charges in California

At the state level, fraud will usually be charged as theft or larceny, and depending on the amount that was allegedly stolen, a person may face misdemeanor or felony charges. Allegations of bank fraud may lead to multiple different types of charges, including:

  • Credit card fraud - The use of a fake credit or debit card may lead to financial losses for a bank or financial institution. Credit cards obtained through fraudulent means may also have a financial impact on a credit card company. Depending on the amount of these losses, a person who is accused of credit card fraud may be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony.
  • Identity theft - A person may be accused of opening bank or credit card accounts or making purchases or withdrawals while using someone else's name or personal information. These allegations may lead to misdemeanor or felony fraud charges.
  • Mortgage fraud - Providing false information to a lender in order to obtain a fraudulent loan or participating in schemes meant to illegally obtain money from a bank through the sale or transfer of real estate property may result in fraud charges. Because the amounts of money involved in these situations can be large, a person is more likely to face felony charges.
  • Forgery - Signing checks in someone else's name or otherwise falsifying financial documents may lead to criminal charges. Misdemeanor charges may apply if the amount involved in these situations was less than $950, and a person may be charged with a felony in cases involving higher amounts.

In addition to being prosecuted at the state level, some bank fraud cases may involve federal charges. Federal officials may perform investigations and pursue charges in cases involving large amounts of money or offenses that were allegedly committed in multiple states or across international borders. Federal bank fraud may involve any attempts to defraud a financial institution, including by obtaining money, credit, or other assets through false pretenses or fraudulent representations. If a person is convicted of bank fraud at the federal level, they may be sentenced to up to 30 years in prison and/or fined up to $1 million.

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