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When you are facing criminal charges of any kind, it is extremely important to contact a skilled criminal defense attorney right away. A conviction could potentially affect the rest of your life, even if it is your first conviction. At Fuller Law Firm, our experienced criminal defense team understands the challenges associated with being arrested and charged with a crime. We are equipped to help you navigate the California criminal justice system and to ensure that your rights and best interests are fully protected throughout the process.

Helping You Get a Second Chance

At our office, we know that the lawyer you select to help you with your criminal matter can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of your case. If you choose a lawyer who is content to let prosecutors make all of the decisions, you may be forced to accept unnecessarily harsh consequences. However, when you work with Attorney Cory Fuller, you get more than just a lawyer. You get a compassionate advocate who understands that good people can make mistakes, and when they do, they deserve second chances.

Attorney Fuller and his team realize that prosecutors and judges tend to focus on actions and consequences, often without considering the factors that may have contributed to the behavior in question. When you choose our firm, we will work with you in obtaining the appropriate assessments, including mental health and addiction assessments, to determine if any underlying issues may be creating problems for you. From there, we will build a case that allows prosecutors and the court to see you as a whole person and not just a criminal defendant. This approach could help you qualify for diversion programs that will not only allow you to avoid a conviction but that focus on rehabilitation and improvement rather than punishment for its own sake.

Skilled Criminal Defense Counsel in Palo Alto

At Fuller Law Firm, we handle a wide range of criminal matters, including but not limited to:

Regardless of the charges you may be facing, you can depend on us to provide experienced guidance and compassionate representation. We will conduct a full investigation into your arrest and the circumstances of the alleged offense, including the behavior of law enforcement officers. From there, we will help you explore your available options and make the best decisions about how to proceed. At our firm, we are committed to getting you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

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For more information about our firm and how we can help with your criminal matter, contact our office. Call 408-234-7563 to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team today. Fuller Law Firm represents clients in San Jose, Fremont, Palo Alto, Gilroy, Alameda County, Santa Clara County, and throughout the surrounding region.

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