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Do I Have to Talk to an Insurance Agent Who Calls Me After a Car Accident? 

 Posted on August 31, 2022 in Car Accident

san jose car accident lawyerAfter any serious California car accident, insurance companies have to get involved to determine the extent of the damage and to find out their client’s liability. While this is an important part of the post-accident process, for victims who have been injured in car accidents, dealing with insurance adjusters is just one more headache to handle. Worse, the insurance adjusters representing the party responsible for the accident are not acting for the benefit of the injured party; instead, they are trying to help their company get away with paying the minimum amount possible in a settlement offer. If you have been injured in a San Jose car accident, get help right away from a personal injury attorney who can provide legal advice as you navigate insurance companies, pursue compensation for your injuries, and more. 

Can My Lawyer Talk to an Insurance Adjuster For Me? 

While insurance adjusters may not be looking out for your best interests, they do have an important job. They are required to assess the extent of the damage to their client’s vehicle, their client’s health, your health, your vehicle’s damage, and any other damage that was done in the accident. To do this, they need to do some investigating, which includes gathering facts from their client, you, and any witnesses who saw the accident happen. 

However, this does not mean that you personally need to talk to the insurance adjuster, and it may be better if you do not. If you already have an attorney representing you when the insurance company starts contacting you, you can have your attorney talk to them instead. This offers several benefits, including: 

  • Providing the necessary information to the insurance company

  • Removing the stress of one more thing to manage

  • Eliminating the chance you will accidentally say something detrimental to your case 

  • Avoiding the temptation to accept an earlier settlement that is less than a fair offer for your injuries and property damage 

Insurance adjusters are well-trained agents with strong conversational skills whose job is to make you feel comfortable enough to give them information they can use to their advantage. This might be getting you to admit partial fault for an accident or casting doubt upon their client’s fault, stating that your injuries are less serious than they seem, or making you doubt the true value of your case. An attorney knows an insurance adjuster’s tricks and can make limited, accurate statements while pursuing fair compensation on your behalf. 

Contact a San Jose Car Accident Injury Lawyer

After being injured in a serious car accident, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you should talk to an insurance adjuster and what you need to say. Fortunately, you can get guidance on this subject and legal help with every other area of your personal injury case from a Santa Clara County car accident injury lawyer with Fuller Law Firm. We offer free, no-pressure consultations so you can meet our attorney and learn more about how we would handle your case. Call us today at 408-234-7563





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