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Do You Know What to Do and Not Do When You Are Stopped by Police?

 Posted on February 09, 2023 in Criminal Defense

San Jose criminal defense lawyerOne of the most stressful experiences a person can have is looking in the rearview mirror and realizing those blue flashing lights and that siren is meant for them. Any interaction with the police can be intimidating, even if you have done nothing wrong. If you find yourself in this position, there are important things you should remember in order to help prevent the event from escalating.

Just Breathe

It is entirely normal to become nervous when you are pulled over, even if you have done nothing wrong. But if you are acting nervous, the officer may suspect that you have indeed done something wrong and request to search your vehicle. This type of situation can quickly turn into criminal charges or even worse.

Your Rights

Regardless of why the officer pulled you over, you do have constitutional rights that protect you. You do have to identify yourself when asked by the officer, however, you do not have to agree to a search of your vehicle. If they continue to ask questions or they arrest you, make sure to tell the officer you want to speak with an attorney. At this point, the officer is not allowed to ask any more questions.

Confession Is Not Good for the Soul

Police officers are trained to manipulate conversations to get suspects to say things that maybe they do not actually mean. We have all heard stories about people who have actually confessed to crimes they did not commit during police interrogations. Never admit to an officer you did anything, no matter what they are telling you. Police officers are not required to tell you the truth. This is why you should never speak to an officer without your attorney.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Never touch a police officer. Even if you mean it as an innocent gesture, the officer may take it as a threat to his or her safety or the safety of the public. This could quickly escalate into a tragic situation.

Reporting Misconduct

If you believe the officer’s conduct during the stop is inappropriate or unfair, do not argue or fight with the officer. Even verbally resisting an officer can be perceived as resisting arrest which can result in even more criminal charges or even injuries if the police restrain you. Once you are home, write down the details of what happened and speak to your attorney about the incident. Your attorney can assist you in reporting the police officer’s misconduct.

Contact a San Jose Defense Attorney

If you have been stopped by police and that stop resulted in an arrest, you need a dedicated Palo Alto, CA criminal attorney defending you. Do not delay in calling Fuller Law Firm at 408-234-7563 to schedule a free consultation.




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