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Moving Forward After a Felony

 Posted on January 12, 2024 in Criminal Defense

San Jose, CA criminal defense lawyerThere are some cases where no matter how skilled your attorney is, a felony conviction is inevitable. Felonies, like burglary and distribution of a controlled substance, are considered substantially more serious than misdemeanors like a simple DUI. The role of your San Jose, CA, criminal defense lawyer in these cases is to provide you with the best defense possible under the circumstances while seeking to minimize any consequences you may face. \

If you are almost certain to be convicted or plead guilty, it is best to start preparing for life after a felony. While it is true that life can be more difficult for felons, moving on and living a great life is entirely possible. You may face unique challenges, like finding a place to live after you are released from prison, or finding a good job that does not require a clean background check. There are steps you can begin taking now to prepare you for success and happiness after a conviction. 

Research Felony-Friendly Employers

The jobs available to felons are often unappealing, unskilled, and low-paying. However, some major companies are beginning to recognize that felons deserve a second chance and can make for excellent employees. Other options you may wish to consider include starting your own small business and learning a skilled trade, like woodworking. 

Plan for Productivity in Prison

A felony conviction does not automatically mean that you are going to prison. However, if you are, it is wise to plan to make the most of your time. There will be educational programs available to you behind bars. Many prisoners earn G.E.D.s or even college degrees while incarcerated. Participating in such a program can help you stay out of trouble while you are locked up and give you the skills you need to find work after release. 

Take Care of Your Mental Health

A substantial majority of people with felony convictions struggle with mental health issues or substance addiction. Getting these problems treated through therapy and medication can greatly reduce the risk that you will be arrested again. Joining a program like Alcoholics Anonymous can help you meet and receive support from others who have had similar experiences.

Discover New Housing Solutions

Corporate landlords are more likely to cast aside applications by felons. Seeking out a private landlord - an individual who can be reasoned with rather than a company that cannot - may improve your prospects. It may also be a good idea to consider staying with your family. If you have a substance use disorder, a halfway house or sober living apartment is likely to accept you. If you are a veteran, there are numerous housing programs designed to keep veterans off the street. 

Contact a San Jose, CA, Criminal Defense Attorney

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