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The Most Common Criminal Charges Women in San Jose Face

 Posted on March 13, 2024 in Criminal Defense

CA defense lawyerWhile men make up a large majority of the prison and jail population, the gender gap is beginning to close. Women are more likely to be arrested today than they were even 15 years ago. The crimes women are accused of are slightly different than the crimes men are most commonly accused of. For example, men are more than six times as likely to commit homicide than women are. Some types of crimes are more evenly divided between male and female offenders. Women are more likely than men to commit other crimes, such as prostitution, although the justice system sometimes fails to distinguish between victims of human trafficking and women who are voluntarily engaged in illegal sex work. If you are a woman facing criminal charges, it is important to be represented by a skilled San Jose, CA, criminal defense lawyer.

Types of Crime Increasingly Committed by Women

Types of crime more and more women are being arrested for include:

  • Domestic violence - Women are being arrested for domestic violence more and more frequently. Whether this is because women are becoming more likely to assault their partners or because police are mistakenly arresting victims of domestic violence for self-defense remains a subject of debate. 
  • Property crimes - Offenses such as robbery and theft are increasingly committed by women. Women are also more likely to be charged with shoplifting. 
  • Drug crimes - Men are still more likely than women to become addicted to drugs and subsequently go to jail for possession, but women make up a growing percentage of people arrested for drug crimes. More than half of women who are currently incarcerated are in prison for drug-related offenses. 
  • DUI - While men still make up a substantial majority of those arrested for DUI offenses, women are facing an increased rate of DUI-related arrests. 
  • Crimes against children - This is one of the few categories of crime that is slightly more likely to be committed by women than by men. These statistics make sense, as it is normally women who bear the greater burden of childcare, even when both parents are working. Mothers who are their children’s primary caregivers, especially single mothers, may be facing extreme stress or postpartum depression, which can lead to child neglect or abuse. 
  • White-collar crime - Women simply have more opportunities to commit white-collar crimes like embezzlement or business-related frauds, as they are more likely than ever to hold high-level corporate positions or to lead companies. 

Women who are incarcerated often face unique struggles that incarcerated men do not, such as pregnancy behind bars and a lack of necessary menstrual hygiene products.

Contact a Santa Clara County, CA, Criminal Defense Lawyer 

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