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Understanding Some of the Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

 Posted on February 03, 2021 in Car Accident

Gilroy personal injury attorney motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are the epitome of American freedom, but they can also place riders at risk for catastrophic injuries. This danger is why there is an entire month dedicated to motorcycle safety, and why there are commercials and public service announcements that warn other drivers to “look twice.” Unfortunately, far too many drivers still fail to “see” two-wheeled vehicles. Learn more about the most common motorcycle crash injuries and what compensation you might be eligible for as a motorcycle accident victim with help from the following information.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by a sudden jolt or blow to the head. Either can occur even if the motorcycle rider is wearing a helmet. Yes, a helmet does reduce the risk, but it does not eliminate it completely. Symptoms of this type of injury can include persistent headaches, confusion, memory loss, difficulty sleeping, loss of consciousness, nausea or vomiting, slurred speech, agitation, dilation of one or both pupils, or clear fluids draining from the ears or mouth. Complications may include seizures, coma, permanent or temporary disability, and death.

Injuries to the Neck and Spine

Neck and spine injuries are often some of the most devastating of injuries. Some are so severe that they result in death or complete disability. Others may spend years trying to recover. In either case, medical bills are often astronomical, and family members may be forced to find a way to cover the victim’s care needs. If the victim was also a provider for the family, the entire household may also be at risk for financial devastation.

Injuries to the Torso

Injuries to the chest, abdomen, rib cage, or internal organs can range greatly in severity. Some may result in only minor or short-term injuries. Others, such as internal bleeding, can be life-threatening. Prognosis and outcome are often reliant upon the severity of the injuries.

Lower Extremity Injuries

An analysis from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates that nearly half of all motorcycle crash injuries involve the lower extremities (pelvis, legs, knees, feet). Thankfully, these injuries are often less severe than those to the head, neck, and chest area. Most victims who suffered such injuries are ultimately released from the hospital. Overall projected outcomes also tend to be better for these crash victims. Still, many of them likely had to take time off work. They may have also incurred expensive medical bills after the accident.

A Santa Clara County Injury Lawyer Can Help You Seek Compensation After an Accident

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a motorcycle crash, contact Fuller Law Office for assistance. Able to protect your rights and committed to helping you receive the most compensation for your damages and losses, our experienced San Jose, CA traffic accident attorney will remain by your side every step of the way. Schedule your free consultation by calling us today at 408-234-7563.






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