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What to do if Your Child is Hit by a Car

 Posted on January 27, 2024 in Personal Injury

San Jose, CA child injury lawyerSadly, children are often at higher risk of being hit by a car than adults. Children who like to play outside often ride their bikes or play ball in the street. Delivery drivers in particular often pose a risk to children, as they are likely focused on finding the correct address and may not be paying attention to their surroundings. 

Although the city of San Jose takes care to address pedestrian safety issues, some drivers fail to follow important laws giving pedestrians who are crossing the street at an intersection right of way. School zones can be a particularly dangerous area, despite safety measures. Parents may be in a hurry to drop off their own children and get to work, failing to look out for other children who are walking to school. Non-school traffic may become frustrated with the slow pace and make risky maneuvers. If your child has been hit by a vehicle, it is very important to call 911 immediately, and then contact a San Jose, CA, pedestrian accidents attorney as soon as you can. 

Steps to Take Immediately After Your Child is Injured by a Driver

It is important to take the right steps after your child is hit by a car, even if they initially seem unharmed. Children who have just been hit by a car may be in a state of shock, and their adrenaline may block pain signals that indicate an injury. After a pedestrian accident involving your child, you should: 

  • Call 911 - Calling 911 and summoning an ambulance is appropriate, even if your child does not seem badly injured at first. Some serious injuries in children are not always readily apparent. You will also want the police to respond and take a report, or possibly arrest the driver. 

  • Do not move the child - If your child is on the ground, your instinct may be to pick them up. Do not do this, as it could create a further risk of spinal cord injury. Instead, guard the area where your child is lying and keep them still until paramedics arrive. 

  • Stop witnesses - If anyone else saw the accident, approach them and ask them to either stay and talk to the police for you or provide their contact information so they can be reached at a later date. 

  • Call a lawyer - The sooner you contact an attorney, the quicker they can respond to the scene and begin collecting evidence. 

Having a child get hit by a car can be terrifying and traumatic. Taking the right steps immediately can give your child the best chance at making a full recovery, both physically and financially. 

Contact a Santa Clara County, CA, Pedestrian Accidents Attorney

Fuller Law Firm is experienced in representing families with children who have been injured in a pedestrian accident. San Jose, CA, pedestrian accident lawyer Nick Fuller will do all he can to make sure that your child recovers all the compensation they are entitled to. Contact our law office at 408-234-7563 for a complimentary consultation.

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