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What to do Right After a Car Accident

 Posted on November 08, 2023 in Car Accident

Untitled---2023-11-08T151217.671.jpgMost people get an adrenaline rush when they are involved in a car accident, even if the accident seems minor. Adrenaline is sometimes called the “fight or flight” chemical. While it can be helpful in certain types of emergencies, it can also make it hard to think clearly. Remembering what steps you need to take immediately after a car accident can be difficult, but it is very important that you do take the right steps. You may wish to refer to this guide while you are navigating the aftermath of an accident. Knowing what to do right away after a car accident can help you in a number of ways, especially if you will need to pursue compensation for medical costs or other losses. It is best to call an attorney as soon as you can do so safely. 

4 Things to do Immediately After a Motor Vehicle Crash

Some of the most important things you can do right away after an auto accident include: 

  • Stop - It is illegal to leave the scene after an accident. 

  • Seek medical help - First and foremost, seek medical help for anyone who is injured. If you are experiencing any pain or other signs of physical harm, it is best to get it checked out by a doctor. Call 911 if anyone is trapped in the vehicle or may have a serious injury. 

  • Get off the road - If possible, move your vehicles out of the roadway. If you are on a narrow shoulder, it is often safer to stay inside your vehicle so long as it is fully off the roadway. Turn on your emergency flashers. 

  • Report the accident - In California, you are required to report any motor vehicle accident that causes a personal injury or more than $1,000 worth of property damage. Do not try to guess how much your damage is valued at or whether your bruising is a significant injury - it is nearly always best to err on the side of reporting the accident. A police report can help later if there are any disputed facts. 

  • Take pictures - Taking pictures just after the accident can be helpful for preserving evidence. However, only take pictures if you can do so without putting yourself at risk. 

  • Call an attorney - The sooner you contact an attorney, the better. It is best to call as soon as you can safely do so. There may be important evidence at the scene of the accident that will be gone as soon as emergency workers have finished clearing the roadway of debris. 

An attorney can provide you with additional advice that is specific to your situation. 

Contact a San Jose, CA, Car Accident Attorney

If you have just been involved in a motor vehicle accident, Fuller Law Firm can help. Cory Fuller, a Santa Clara County car accident lawyer with over ten years experience, will work quickly to protect your rights. Contact his law office at 408-234-7563 for a complimentary consultation.

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